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photo of fountain base at World Trade Centre by Norman Garside of Stoneage Ambleside
photo of fountain base at World Trade Centre by Norman Garside of Stoneage Ambleside

Norman Garside of Stoneage Ambleside

Norman has been involved in engineering for more years than he would care to remember. He is   renowned for his skills gained over the years which have been applied on behalf of his customers to solve many difficult engineering problems.

Many of his challenges over the years have involved the slate and stone quarrying industries. Few have been able to match his skills at cutting and polishing difficult materials like slate and granite. When a special piece is needed for either a presentation item or as a theatrical statement of public art, Norman is the man they come to.

On the right can be seen a photo of the base made from Cumbrian Slate hewn from Kirkstone quarries in Cumbria for the World Trade Centre in New York. The fountain is still in place following the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Whilst is may appear to be “just another stone base” let me assure you it isn’t.

Critical to the look of the piece was the subtle concave and convex curves which took a great deal of skill to achieve as slate is not the easiest of material to cut; particularly on the curve. Straight lines can be difficult enough if the grain changes direction, but curves? Good job Norman know’s how!


Diana, Princess of Wales with one of Norman's works of art

His past exploits are not only on large monumental pieces

Norman’s creations have some distinguished owners
Although they were not bought direct from Norman, they were purchased with specific clients in mind such as Princess Diana and HRH Prince Philip.

Again the diffcult processes involved presented a challenge to Norman during cutting.

Deep curves, slender sides, all of which have to match.

There is also the need for an intimate knowledge and understanding of the raw material which is essential for a highly skilled craftsman like Norman to be able to bring the best out of the grain in the material. To create such exquisite and distinctive pieces takes years of experience and skill.

Making Pieces for Royalty is not new to Norman Garside

Lady Grania Cavendish from Holker Hall can be seen with HRH Prince Philip.

Lady Grania Cavendish from Holker Hall can be seen with HRH Prince Philip.

In front of them is a Sundial made by Norman Garside using slate provided by Burlington Slate which is part of the Cavendish’s Cumbria Estate and group of companies.

These photographs tell something of the history of Norman and his work, but like all good craftsmen and artists he is always looking for new challenges.

Everyone wants a bit of beauty in their lives

If there is any difficult or intricate cutting and forming to do, Norman Garside is usually the first port of call to solve the problem.

Norman has the ability to switch between his clients requirements for the purely functional or the artistic and dramatic piece.

In his new range of granite knobs he has combined these to produce functional yet beautiful polished door knobs and handles which would be expected to grace any stately home; but these creations are now affordable and available to transform your home into something special.






Stone Handles by Norman Garside of StoneAge.
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