Granite Knobs by Stone Age Ambleside

60mm diameter granite door knob with chrome fixingsStone Age Ambleside create beautiful granite knobs for kitchens & baths, custom made to match your counters by Highly skilled Cumbrian Craftsmen.

Our high quality polished granite knobs and handles are produced in our workshops in Ambleside, Cumbria. We don’t use any laquers, polishes or waxes to make our kitchen cabinet knobs, pulls and handles shine. The sheen on our doorknobs is pure, lasting and shows the full depth of pattern and colour within the natural granite itself. Granite can be found in a range of colours.

We developed our own registered and protected method of producing this fantastic polished finish through years of experience working with slate, marble and granite.

Many homes have granite countertops installed because of its natural beauty and durability. Kitchens with granite definitely add to the value of your home. A kitchen that has matching granite accessories makes a real style statement.

Why not enhance the bathroom and dress up your bathroom cabinet doors and drawer fronts with granite hardware. If your bathroom has granite wall tiles or a granite tiled floor, kit out your bathroom cabinets with matching pulls, handles and knobs.


 46mm diameter granite knob/drawer pull with brass fixing

If you have an older home with panelled wood doors, try our 60mm diameter granite doorknobs for natural, lasting beauty and a finish that will have visitors green with envy!

Different shaped handles can be made, or our existing designs can be made from other types of stone.

Granite Knobs, Cabinet Hardware, natural finish without waxes or lacquers

StoneAge has been providing high quality, innovative Granite and Slate products for many years. Our natural polished granite door pulls help you create the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom design of your dreams.


42mm diameter granite door knob (door or drawer pull) with chrome fixings

StoneAge can use your own left over Granite cut-out material. Just contact us for posting instructions and we will have your left over granite turned and polished into beautiful Cabinet Knobs and Pulls that match your decor perfectly.


Stone Handles by Norman Garside of StoneAge.
Registration of Design:
UK Registered Design No: 3010043
UK Registered Design No: 3021818